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Short bio

Yana Stup (b. 1983, FSU) lives and works in Rehovot, Israel. She studied art and painting privately (1995–2010); among her tutors was artist Eran Weber (2016–17). She also studied Art History at the Open University of Israel (2007–09).

Stup's art focuses mainly on engraving and hammering on metal (gold aluminum foil) in varying dimensions, small as well as large, and on figurative oil painting. Her works consist mainly of metal plates engraved in reverse (embossed) and hand-sewn with wax thread. Some of the works are painted on canvas in mixed media, including hot-melt adhesive on which gold pigment is impressed. Another body of work spans figurative painting in oil on canvas. Her works contain images and texts extracted from her diaries over the years, in which she describes autobiographical places with traumatic overtones as well as additional questions pertaining to gender identity and multiculturalism.

She is currently working on her first book, an autobiographical novel.

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